COPYRIGHT concession

Shortly before the fourth anniversary of the death of the painter, the guarantee mark “Raúl Romero Arte” has been granted. An official evaluation committee has granted the quality mark that ensures the authenticity of the work both nationally and internationally.

  • As of today, all the images will be stamped ®, not being able to use them without the corresponding authorization.
  • Only the original work of the painter can use the author’s label / logo, leaving all the rights reserved.
  • It is a guarantee of exclusivity. Especially for those works that are acquired by third parties and that will necessarily carry exclusively the Authenticity Seal, with Registered Trademark.
  • The complete work catalogued in date is 1,386 pieces, all registered and with official © with headquarters in the European Union.
  • Under Mark number. 3.607.205 the plastic art works of Raúl Romero Altares are protected, especially for cultural, educational and commercial purposes.
  • The Guarantee Mark is identified with a label or official document, which ensures authenticity and guarantees that the work is genuine.
  • Once the provisions established in the current Law 17/2001, of December 7, of Trademarks have been complied with, the trademark title of the trademark that confers its owner the exclusive right to use it in economic traffic is issued. The registration has been granted, without prejudice to a third party, for ten years.