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Raúl Romero, being a student of Fine Arts, went through all the curricular disciplines, so that up to a certain point in his life the representation of the models is trustworthy, although always with his personal stamp of strength.

But we speak of his stage of maturity, when he performs imaginative works and expresses feelings and sensations in his works.

The image that he has of the woman, if we rely on his paintings, is at least distant. Have we ever alluded to their “maternities”? In these works, one can appreciate the resigned and cold attitude of the woman in relation to her offspring, as if they were simply an obligation, without any other connotation.

But it is in the works “purely original”, of RAYISMO for example, where the woman is in the majority of the occasions with her back to the spectator, either standing or lying down, with added elements and anthropomorphs like claws or beaks, these figures have accented secondary sexual characteristics.

The work of Raúl Romero Altares as a whole deserves a psychological study, in the section that concerns us today, doubly.